Quality design and construction documentation are the basis for the perfect final product.

Most of our company's production consists of products that are original designed and constructed according to customer requirements. The quality of these products is ensured during their initial design. Our company uses the many years of experience of its own designers who can understand and implement the various wishes and requirements of customers. 

The creation of high-quality and flawless technical documentation is the absolute basis for subsequent trouble-free production and easy assembly. 

The whole team of experts works closely together on the design of technological units so that the result is a precisely realized order and customer satisfaction. 

Our designers use modern technologies and tools such as: 

  • SOLIDWORKS® - an intuitive solution for 3D design, product data management (PDM)
  • VariCAD - CAD system for 3D designs in mechanical engineering
  • RITA Software - an advanced system for strength and other calculations, the development of which with STP plast, spol. s r. o. together with Röchling actively participates
  • and more