Why swimming pools from us?

For owners of family houses, gardens or cottages, family pools are becoming a new standard of living.
Anyone who knows a family trip to a public swimming pool or other body of water,
appreciate the opportunity to swim in their own pool.
Bathing has a beneficial effect on health (hardening, alternating loading of body parts, harmonization of breathing),
satisfaction and joy in the family circle or with friends.

At the same time, the use of the pool is wide, not only as a family pool, but also for recreation centers, spas, swimming pools, schools, hotels or saunas. 

To all our customers who decide to live like this, our company STP plast, s. r. o. Brings a wide range of swimming pools and accessories. 

The company STP plast, spol. s r. o. has been operating on our and foreign markets since 1997, and from the beginning swimming pools have been one of the company's main production programs. From several basic shapes, the range of pools has been expanded to a long line, of course still unfinished, because our customers are constantly coming up with new shapes and designs. It is our company that can make a swimming pool according to the customer's wishes, so that the design seems like a big fantasy at first! 

The outdoor pool is usually used five to six months a year, while the pools built into the interior of the building can of course be used all year round.

The company provides a two-year warranty on its products. Complaints are minimal, there are no pool assortments!

How to do it?

How to place a swimming pool

The location of the pool must be solved with regard to the construction and technical conditions of the site. It is necessary to take into account the load from the filled pool, the condition of the subsoil, the presence of groundwater, etc. In any case, the company recommends entrusting the design of construction readiness, for fitting the pool, to a professional company. 

The general procedure consists in concreting the base plate - reinforced, thickness 15 to 20 cm. Synthetic geotextile or tread polystyrene is placed on the cured concrete. 50 to 70 mm thick polystyrene is inserted between the individual ribs of the pool around the perimeter. Concreting is carried out gradually, without vibrating or compacting equipment. In doing so, care must be taken not to bulge the pool walls in a suitable manner. 

Be careful to lay the pipelines and carry out the electrical installation before concreting! 

What to do before use?

First of all, it is necessary to check all connections, especially the electrical installation performed by a professional company! Furthermore, remove the PE cover foil from the surface of the pool, or clean the pool. Then just fill with water and enjoy the pool to your delight. To be among the hundreds of satisfied customers in swimming pools from the company STP plast, spol. s r. o. Stráž pod Ralskem! 

How to contact our company?

Above all, contact us in some way (phone, fax, e-mail) and present your request. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate type and design of the pool. 

After discussing the scope of delivery and specifying the request, we will hand you a price offer, after its approval, we will agree on a delivery date that is binding for us. 

If the customer shows interest, he can inspect the already finished swimming pools in order to get an idea of ​​the appearance and suitability of the proposed solution. 

Types and shapes of swimming pools

The company generally accepts on request for pool design, it can recommend types. Each pool is original. For better communication, local shapes are marked with the names of Greek goddesses.  Every pool without a drawn or curved staircase can be supplemented by this staircase and vice versa. Additional options can be added to the following devices (seats, benches, etc.). Color, as already mentioned, payment is required at the customer's request. 

The technology of pool production from slabs allows you to choose any shape, unlike concrete, foil or laminate pools.
The size of the pool is chosen by the customer. The depth usually ranges from 1 to 1.5 m, but it is not limited by anything!
The pool consists of a bottom, a perimeter shell, an upper handle (collar), external perimeter reinforcements.

The shape of the upper handle is chosen in the basic design so that it is possible to insert the perimeter paving under it. The design of the upper handle is always the subject of an agreement with the customer, given that there are a number of ways to end the upper part of the pool, such as covering with stone slabs, tiles, etc. 

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Material and technology

What material are pools made of?

The material for the production of the pool is extruded homogeneous polypropylene PP-C. This plastic excels in long life, resistance to any environment, is stabilized against UV radiation, has very good insulating properties, is harmless to health and hygiene. 

The color of the material can be: Barvy materiálu

  • light blue
  • white
  • gray
  • light green
  • sandy yellow
  • metal blue

The material is smooth, covered with foil at all times, so that the surface cannot be damaged during production or transport. 

For the production of stairs, benches, seats or shower enclosures, a material with a roughening - anti-slip surface is used. The company has developed its own board tread modification technology to obtain an anti-slip surface. The material of different colors can be combined with each other, so it is possible, for example, to make a different staircase or the upper handrail to the basic pool. Everything according to the customer's wishes! 
The welding wire used is always exactly the same color as the plate material.

What technology are used to make swimming pools?

The pools are manufactured as all-plastic tanks by the method of extrusion and hot air welding. The welding method of Wegener and Leister is used. The boards are welded using the "butt" method, the bending of the boards is performed automatically using the Wegener heating bar.

Welding employees are professionally trained, with many years of experience. The quality of their work is verified not only in the production of swimming pools, but on a number of technically demanding products that our company supplies for the chemical and semiconductor industries. 

The technology used and the professional qualifications of the employees guarantee 100% tightness of the welds and a high level of overall design. 


I. Finished swimming pools

They are delivered up to the size of 10 x 3.5 m at the customer's place.
The most common dimensions of the pool are 6x3 m, 6.5x3 m, 6x3.5 m, 7x3 m. 

II. Installation of a swimming pool on site

It applies to large swimming pools, where transport is not possible at all or in cases where access to the installation site does not allow the transport of the entire pool. These are cases of placing the pool in places with difficult access, inside buildings, etc. 

III. Installation of inserts for existing pools

It is used for the renovation of existing concrete pools or pools with ceramic tiles. In this case, our company will make an insert into the pool on the spot. 

IV. Thermally insulated swimming pools

The swimming pool can be supplied with already built-in insulation of the pool shell perimeter. Thermal insulation is made of polystyrene boards, completely covered with plastic on the outside. In this case, the installation of thermal insulation after delivery is no longer necessary for the customer. 

V. Children's pools, the so-called paddling pool

They are often used in families or children's facilities. The paddling pool has, unlike the pool, a small depth (approx. 500 mm), the bottom surface is with anti-slip treatment and the upper handle is smooth, without edges. The size is completely arbitrary, according to the customer's request. This children's pool can be placed on the surface or in the ground. 

Zabudovací podmínky  Example of installation conditions

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How can the swimming pool be replenished?

The basic skeleton of the pool can be supplemented with other devices that make your stay in the pool more pleasant and allow you to use it even more widely. 

These devices are: 

  • Built-in staircase
    It allows comfortable and safe entry for adults and children. Stairs can be placed in the pool in many ways. 

    • internal staircase - inside the pool in the corner or on some straight side of the pool
    • outdoor staircase - it is attached to the pool and does not reduce the internal volume of the pool 

    The shape of the stairs is straight or shaped (so-called Roman staircase), according to the customer's wishes. Also the height of the stairs is chosen in agreement with the customer, the stairs can have the same height, or often the lowest step is made twice as high. 

  • They are placed in the pool about 600 mm from the top edge and allow you to sit in the pool with a glass of some good drink. 
  • SeatsThey are placed in the pool about 600 mm from the top edge and allow you to sit in the pool with a glass of some good drink. 


  • Bench with air massage
    It is mounted approx. 550 mm from the upper edge, air is introduced into the bench from below, which bubbles through the entire surface. Sitting on this bench is extremely pleasant. 
  • Pre-pools
    With water drain, with the possibility of placing, for example, a shower 


Other swimming pool accessories

The swmming pool accessories are very wide and are constantly expanding according to the offer of a number of manufacturers. It ensures the operation of the pool and the undisturbed enjoyment of swimming in safe and clean water. 

The company offers retrofitting the pool with the following basic accessories: 

  • Sand filter unit 
  • Hanging filtration
  • Skimmer
  • Inlet nozzle
  • Subsurface light with junction box and safety transformer 
  • Counterflow
  • Piping
  • Automatic filtration control
  • Plastic box for storing the filter units 
  • Other accessiories

Specific requirements for accessories are always set after consultation with the customer.