The tanks are designed for storage of all types of liquids.
The tanks are made of self-supporting square or cylindrical (single-skin, double-skin).

We produce tanks in various designs and with many accessories as required:

  • cylindrical, square, self-supporting, single-walled, double-walled tanks
  • flat, sloping or conical bottom
  • level gauge (float, visual, ultrasonic and radar measurement)
  • straight or conical cover
  • inspection hole with cover
  • outlets for in-, outflow, deaeration
  • internal installations (overflows, breakwaters)
  • dosing pumps
  • agitator
  • pH measurement and other equipment

For each storage case, an assessment of the suitability of the plastic is made, taking into account the medium, temperatures and location of the tank. 

The tank can be mounted directly on the spot, where the finished tank cannot be transported. 

For old tanks, the inner surface can be lined with plastic. We produce cylindrical or square self-supporting tanks up to a volume of 100 m³. 

Distribution of tanks by medium:

  • Chemicals
    • acids (e. g. HCl, H2SO4, HF)
    • sulphates (e.g. ferrous, ferrous, aluminum)
    • latex
    • sizing
    • lyes (NaOH, KOH)


  • Waters
    • drinking water
    • water for treatment
    • water for neutralize