All activities of our company are oriented
to the requirements and wishes of our clients.

In our family company, founded in 1997, we focus not only on the customer's wishes, but our priority is also satisfied employees – only then we can be sure that they do their job well and our products meet all the expectations and requirements of our customers.

We supply our product to many large companies not only in Czech Republic, but also abroad, where our products are in high demand and positively evaluated.

The company was founded in 1997 and currently its production program is: 

  • production and assembly of plastic products
  • metalworking
  • purchase of goods for resale
  • construction work

It provides not only production and assembly, but also design proposals for plastic products, always in agreement with the customer. At the same time, the products are solved in terms of chemical resistance of the plastic, temperature of the medium and the environment, strength stress and service life of the product. 

The company's employees underwent training for plastic welders with a focus on plate welding, butt welding, polyfusion or gluing. New employees are trained directly in the company, followed by additional training at a professional training facility. 

The company supplies its products throughout the Czech Republic, as well as to Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. 

The company's equipment enables the use of the following technologies:

  • butt-welding - plates, tubes
  • hot air welding – plates
  • material division – straight and at an angle
  • planing, broaching
  • CNC milling
  • drilling
  • polyfusion welding - pipes
  • IR welding - pipes
  • welding of pipes with electrical fittings
  • gluing
  • bending boards

Testing of welds is performed by a poroscopic test, in the case of finished tanks and tubs by a watertightness test. 

The material of the products is always chosen for a specific case with the use of high chemical resistance of plastics and suitable mechanical properties. For many operations, plastics are irreplaceable thanks to their chemical resistance! In the long run, the use of plastics is limited by the temperature of the medium and the external environment.

Processed materials:

  • Polypropylene PP
  • Polyetylene PE
  • Polyvinyl chloride PVC
  • Polyvinyl denfluoride PVDF
  • Makrolon

Other plastics are used for processing nylon, acrylic (plexiglass), softened PVC, etc.  

The basics are quality and precision

Most of our production is produced at the company's headquarters in Stráž pod Ralskem.

We have CNC machines installed in modernly furnished halls, which we continuously innovate, and we are thus able to produce the vast majority of products required by the customer. 

In an effort to achieve the minimum number of complaints, we place great emphasis on thorough training of employees. We follow the path of individual training and certification. 

In addition to employees in production, the company also has experienced fitters who can assemble and operate the supplied technological units directly on site at the customer. They also provide warranty and post-warranty service and regular inspections. 


Reg. No. of the project CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/16_043/0005320, priority axis OPZ: Employement support and adaptibility of the workforce. The project is funded by the state budget and the EU.

Our company joined the Operational Program Employment and within the project Education of Employees of STP plast s. r. o. The project was launched on September 1, 2017 and is completed by August 31, 2019. 

The aim of the project is to increase and deepen the knowledge and skills of selected employees corresponding to their job position, to improve and streamline their work and to increase the motivation of employees and enable them personal development through education. 

Plastic welder certificate
VT Controller Certificate Certificate
welding technologist


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