The very good properties of plastics allow their use in completely new fields.

Increasingly complex devices with a long service life are being produced. We manufacture these devices either according to the customer's requirements and specifications, or we prepare a solution proposal in our design office and carry out the project after approval by the customer. We use a modernly equipped production plant (SW equipment, CNC milling machines, formatting saws, a machine for bending plastics, machines for butt welding of boards and others) where we can carry out this production. 

Examples of manufactured special devices:

  • Devices for the semiconductor industry
  • Laboratory tables and hoods
  • Production and processing lines
  • Application catamarans
  • Algae cultivators
  • Chemical polishing drums
  • Vacuum filters with a volume of 30-180 l
  • Automatic equipment for preparation and dosing of flocculant in water treatment in water management, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Galvanic plating or tumbling drums
  • Tanks of electrolysis and other


The proposed solution includes:

  • Recommended material type
  • Constructional solutions
  • Static calculation (if necessary for the project)
  • Price calculation
  • The entire solution is fully compliant with special standards and regulations

Material for the production of special devices:

  • polypropylene (PP-H, PP-C), PPs - not easily flammable material
  • polyethylene (PE100, PE500, PE1000)
  • polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U, PVC-C, PVC-GLAS)