Flow regulators are devices that are used to adjust the air output, to close the pipe network, or as an inserted resistance in the air duct.
Circular control flaps are purchased as standard in any size.
Control flaps for square pipes are made in the factory in both standard and non-standard sizes. For flaps of larger dimensions, a multiple flap assembly is used.
All components are made of plastic material, only the connecting part with the servo drive is made of stainless steel.
The type of control of the regulating/closing flaps is with a manual mechanism, preparation for a servo drive, or we are able to provide delivery with servo drives.


RKC 1000×500/R/P40-PP/PP-H RAL 7032

Marking legend:
RKCproduct marking
lenght L(mm)
height B(mm)
width A(mm)
flange width C(mm)
Rcontrol valve with manual control
RAL XXXXcolour design

Example of marking:

RKC 1000×500/R/P40-PP /PP-H RAL 7032

quadrangular regulation flap, dimension 1000×500 mm, manual control mechanism, type of connection with fixed flange (PP)is possible. Connection with a free flange (VP) is possible, where during implementation the flange will be welded on site with wire, material PP-H (polypropylen homopolymer) colour design grey


The material is selected according to the type of media to which the damper is exposed.
All components of the control valve are made of plastic material.
Assemblies are used for larger cross-sections of control flaps.
We supply a standard version with manual control, but it is also possible to order a control damper controlled by a servo drive, where the damper is structurally solved in the same way, only the shaft for the servo drive is made of stainless steel.